Patricia Sannit and 2016 CF Artists Grants Winners Exhibition | Closing Sept 17

The 2016 Contemporary Forum Artists Grants Winners exhibition presents the work of

David Emitt Adams, Christine Cassano, Bryan David Griffith, Constance McBride and Mary Meyer.

Collectively, their work demonstrates an intuitive and physical understanding of place. Individually, their perspectives are distinguished through their chosen materials.  Wood, ash, ceramic and hair are a few of the elements that shape these artists’ practice — defined as much by nature as they are by geometry and process.

Patricia Sannit: Rise Fall Rise
2016 Arlene and Morton Scult Contemporary Forum Artist Award Recipient

Patricia Sannit uses found and repurposed clay and other materials to explore connections within our shared humanity.  As a practicing artist and instructor at Phoenix College since 2001, Sannit has used this protean medium as the basis of a sculptural investigation connecting geologic time, archaeology and history across cultures.

Sannit’s installation Rise Fall Rise is the culmination of a process that began last year in which she began connecting her practice to unfolding political and cultural events.  Her process consisted in the making of bulbous head forms containing oblique references to specific events inscribed only through mark making and dating.  Fusing the artist’s muscle memory with collective memory, Rise Fall Rise plays with notions of the ‘anti-monument’ and chance to exemplify a collective vulnerability in challenging times.

Rise Fall Rise and The 2016 Contemporary Forum Artists Grants Winners exhibition is on view at Phoenix Art Museum through September 17, 2017.


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