Kehinde Wiley Film Series

Kehinde Wiley Film Series
Phoenix Art Museum

October 23, 2pm
Paris is Burning

This documentary focuses on drag queens living in New York City and their “house” culture, which provides a sense of community and support for the flamboyant and often socially shunned performers. Groups from each house compete in elaborate balls that take cues from the world of fashion. Also touching on issues of racism and poverty, the film features interviews with a number of renowned drag queens, including Willi Ninja, Pepper LaBeija and Dorian Corey.  Runtime: 1 hour 18 minutes. Documentary.


November 6, 2pm
An Economy of Grace

Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace, directed by Jeffrey Dupre, documents Wiley’s first body of work centering on the female figure. Inspired by the aristocratic tradition of fashion as a mark of class distinction, Wiley collaborates with Riccardo Tisci, Fashion Designer at the French couture firm Givenchy, who designs luxurious flowing gowns worn by each of the women depicted. As seen in 18th-and 19th-century European paintings, these portraits of leading women in society embody absolute grace and glamour.
Runtime: 39 minutes. Short Film/Biography.


December 4, 2pm
Sans Soleil

“If the images of the present don’t change, then change the images of the past.”

Sans Soleil is an experimental essay-film directed by Chris Marker that explores human memory, perception, and the manipulation of the image. Through a series of visual montages, Marker shows the inability of the human mind to recall particular contexts and nuances of memory that ultimately affect perception and the understanding of the world. Narrated by the inner dialogue of a woman traveler, we are taken on a mind-bending and meditative journey through time and space with footage from Africa to Japan. Based almost entirely off philosophical discourse and Marker’s own world view, Sans Soleil challenges us to let our memories create their own legends.
Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes. Documentary, Drama.

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